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buzz bee rapid fire rifle shell catcher Answered

well I got the buzz bee rfr(rapid fire rifle) and i found it to be OK. i still haven't moded it(not very many good mods). i always hated going to find and losing the shells, so i have a shell catcher out of duck tape and cardboard(got to love it!).it works really well(the only problem is the gun it self jamming but that has nothing to do with the shell catcher. so, what do you think? do you want instructions(yes i know kitemans law but i really don't feel like making the Instructable unless i know some body is going to use it)?



9 years ago

I 100% WOULD USE THIS it is a really helpful device


10 years ago

Aww, the shells flying out is one of the coolest features of that gun, but go ahead an' make the Instructable anyway.

well yea it it cool. they still pop out when you breach load the gun. its just in a war the shells dont help me and i would lose them and then cant shoot.