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buzzer with custom sounds? Answered

Does anyone know how to take a buzzer similar to the one pictured and give it a custom sound and not just the "errrrrrrr" thing?


If you are making reference to Kagome Higurashi's command for keeping Inuyasha in line, it is "Sit boy !!" LOL

Ok, I guess I over thought that one :-) but then again.....InuYasha is half dog demon LOL

Shockingly enough, no. So you're into anime-who'da thunk it? :-D

It comes of having to watch something other then
infolessmercials. after I get home from work at 1 am, just to wind down a bit. Most of the channels on haven't any real shows, except Adult Swim (and they are definitely not GOOD shows... :-)

firing up the computer that late at night, isn't really worth it...I won't be up that long :-)

Yes, nearly any monostable multivibrator will work. The 555 is really common.

Thank you for your help.