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bypass the speed pot on pride mobility scooter? Answered

my speed potentiometer is not working can i bypass it till i can replace it



2 years ago

maybe just stick a switch in , give lots of little squirts of power to get it rolling. sit the thing on a stack of books to test it. then test it pointing down hill. hopefully theres some safety circuit to stop you cooking the motor or battery if it stalls.

i may try and buy a scrap runner rip it apart and use the parts on this one as its in really good general condition had little use and has a few years in it yet thanks for the advice folks phil

Can't recommend it as it causes massive stress on motor and motor controller.
A "full on" is also nothing you want for a mobility scooter.
If you really feel the need to bypass it do it including the controller - remove all and switch the motor directly from the battery.
But as said even that way the motor won't make for long, that is if the rider can control the thing ;)

Insert a push button across the wiper and one end of the POT you may need to try both ends to see which one works for you.

NOTE: you go from nothing to full speed when the button is pressed This may not please the motor Do at your own risk.

PB speed control.jpg