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cad drawing programs Answered

  I'm trying to find a good cad program that wont break your wallet to help with my projects. I have tried sketch  up and Its ok but   I need a book for sketch up for dummies ..... I can understand some of the stuff but the important things i need I just can't seem to figure out . Like Copying and paste , a few few others.  I used to have a program i used at my old job .It was a simple 3 view orthographic drawing software .


Check out ALIBRE. Powerful and low cost.

+1. I use Alibre Pro, but the entry level version is still well featured.

I have used Draft Sight, which I am starting to learn. It is free and there is a You Tube channel that teach how to use Sketch Up and Draft Sight.

Unfortunately, they all seem to have a learning curve. I've been working with Blender, and it too is a chore to get used to (it has more hotkeys than elements on the Periodic Table!).

Here's a list of the Best Free CAD programs. You might want to give some of them a try. Since they are free, there's no harm in downloading and trying a few until you find the one that works best for YOU. ;)