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calling "real" airsoft players Answered

when i say airsoft for "reals" i mean not springers unless it is a high quality sniper rifle. and by high quality i mean 250 for stock gun and 800 dollars more in upgrades... just wondering, anyone else rock AEG's, gas pistols, sniper rifles?.. etc.... familiar with brands like tokyo marui, classic army, ics, g&g, tanaka, western arms, etc etc. also... not playing in parks, backyards... in the house. or places that will ruin the sport by getting shot to death by cops. even if it does have an orange tip, cops come anyways when they're called. and yes they are ready to blast you away if they feel their life is in danger... legally too. i would know. personal experience which was years ago. by no means am i bashing people.. im not saying that playing with springers is not okay, i understand not everybody has the time or money. its just i noticed a lack of any airsoft instructables for those serious about the sport?... and yes i've spent well into the thousands for the sport, no i dont think its a waste of money, i have a lot of fun doing my thing.



What is with you people and FPS?

Your hopup and BB quality make an order of magnitude more difference than muzzle velocity.

Plus CQB feilds will limit to around 350, outdoor to 450.

I got a matrix M4!!!!! 460 fps!!!!!!! Very nice gun. Then i got airsoft trip mines that i made. I have instructables on them.

i gotta 340 fps full-metal AK-47 CM.028-S my mag is hi-cap it holds like like 300 bullets. Oh, and me and my friends airsoft in the woods near my house. We all have our own forts we made back there.


This is what annoys me. I've got a double eagle spring shotgun that fires 355 FPS. The velocity is higher than that of this kids' AK, but it isn't considered a real airsoft gun? That Weasel, this wasn't meant to bash you or make you feel bad, I was just using you as an example. I've fired that gun before and loved it to death, so don't think that I don't like it.

i put a strict limit on 200 dollars for a gun no limit on upgrades and all i need is my cmo28 ak-47 it matters about strategies in airsoft but it is still cool to blow somebody away

i put a strict limit on 200 dollars for a gun no limit on upgrades and all i need is my cmo28 ak-47 it matters about strategies in airsoft but it is still cool to blow somebody away


 I rock a TM MP5K
with two spas 12s
and Sigsauer P228s
and IDF trainer Deagles.
with a CAW ECHO 1 SAL m203 launcher.

this is my gun it is ok and cheep

Spring shotguns are good if you are a guard, so don't you dare bash them if you have no idea.

Why? A spring shot gun would limit rate of fire, which is SUPREMELY important if you are a "guard".

I've got a TSD M3, which, on case you don't know, fires three bb's at once. I think it's a nice trade off for fending people off.

While I don't have a Systema PTW, I do own 2 Classic Army rifles ( An m4 and an m249 mkII.), an ICS (AK-74M), and for my sidearm, a KWA KP-8. The rifles have been upgraded as to their specific roles. The sidearm is stock. I am a team captain as well as a field operator. I don't know if this qualifies me as real or not though. And to Capn Tac, yes there are some good springer shotguns out there so I have no doubt you have one. One of our teammates swears by his TM shotgun. Even though they are not sniper rifles, I would personally put shotguns in with the sniper rifle group on this. I believe the author was trying to locate people who have invested into the sport (which is geared more towards milsim) than those who play backyard airsoft which tends to have cheaper weapons and are usually of a younger age. And I wasn't trying to put anyone down there at all. Everyone starts out in about the same place. Or most of us did anyway.

I don't play backyard, I guard in games of CQB. Just clearing that up.

cheap 400 fps sniper rifle really cheap bought it for 30 bucks trying to mod the fps how do you do that?


9 years ago

a friend of mine is building me a full steel airsoft rifle that can hold up to 5 CO2 cartridges (it has a bolt action reload for them) for about $60 US. would that count as high quality?

just take a pvc pipe, stick the cartrige in, and pop the co2 seal. ROCKET

does a systema ptw with 15 mags and a red cylinder count as a real airsoft gun? long island tactical out

p.s. with the prices, the two guns with upgrades costed around 2000 bucks

I have a 500 fps socom rifle and 485 fps ak47. Me and my friends play in either the woods near my house or my friends 5 acres of forest backyard. We all hide in trees and kill each other

Tokyo mauri M3 super 90. and a JG ak-47 (TM clone) Looking for a tm or jg complete mechbox.

Oh yea prices. about $400 for the m3 and 200 for the AK-47

Ooooh hte M3 does not cost that much. Same with the JG, the TM should be $250-$300, the JG about $135-175. Unless you're in Canada :P

Upgraded CYMA CM.028 Tokyo Marui clone AK47. Something around 375 FPS upgraded.

I was going to get into airsoft but they changed the laws in the UK which says you have to have at least 50% of your gun covered in bright pink or yellow, which I think sucks balls, and forget trying to buy a blank firer now, as for airsoft I was going to get an AK47 electric, full metal, I think it was about £250, which aint a huge amount to me,well it is I guess but I've been known to spend that on one night out up the town, like the time I discovered strippers lol.


10 years ago

jg m4a1 commando, full metal internals, fullmetal body, 400 fps stock, 485 fps(chronoed) after mods, 10.4 2400 mah large dual batteries in peq boxes on both left and right ris rails. grenade launcher with 8 32 round nades. leaper scope, 10 hicap mags 300rd mags, 1 5000 auto wind box mag... oh ya and a sweet unmodded hi capa 5.1


10 years ago

is a 460 fps full-metal ak 47 ris 1200 round clip (by echo 1)with new sprig and 6.2 tight bore

i got a 420+fps full metal doubleeagle shotgun is that(real)?


10 years ago

i have a classic army m16a4 sportline

I got a cybergun 25mm colt pocket pistol and very soon I am getting a JG g36 I play in the woods and it has an abandoned house a fort, and some old car hoods and junk I turned into bunkers! it is SWEEET

Hmph, I have a $20 spring pistol. I guess I am not a real airsoft player.

I have the same thing, But I think it's funny that all of these members are letting themselves be judged by some random person like this. It's just kinda amusing that they accept his word like he is their god, lol.

I totally agree- I had a beretta springer pistol that must have cost about £25 (got it in trade because someone broke my Steyr Aug). It was fantastic- could plug a penny or a Polo mint on edge from across a room, and punch a hole through a CD.. then it got nicked at Tar Barrels when I was watching someone else's stuff :( (/rant) Anyway, I disagree that inexpensive (under £100) spring guns are necessarily rubbish- maybe they wouldn't hold up in a battle against seasoned airsofters with thousands of dollars of automatic kit but ultimately it's all relative. (Plus our airsoft battles were really a pretext to go camping and get drunk...ah, to be 16 again)


10 years ago

i have the same 1 got it for $60.00 good gun

I'd love to see some instructables about upgrading springs and other stuff. I royally screwed my hopup rubber the first time installing a new barrell and hop up and it'd be nice to have instructions in the form of an instructable.

well i airsoft... i have a spring g36c... that is seriously high fps (aka bottom of the can poormans) and a aeg g36c... bout 280/290 fps... both double eagle... both have given me years of service... and both can keep up with tm's etc in the right hands (mine) the gun doesnt make the airsofter... the airsofter makes the shot.... get over all this you gotta spend a fortune rubbish because you dont have to... many mods can be done on the cheap weather its swapping out a spring to reinforcing innards... a good lube will add a bit of power... as will a small spacer behind a spring... wall of text over

290 is low. Our max is 500. I guaruntee anyone that plays with a cheap gun versus good guns will loose unless they are invisible or something because of the simple fact about range. ofcourse in close quarters its just a reflex thing but we rarely do that here.

Those values are all with 0.2g bb's which I should have mentioned.

Also just to let you know my guns are about as cheap as new guns come here in Canada except for crap anyways. I'd be able to afford double what I have now if i were in the united states. So I by no means think anyone should spend a fortune on airsoft to be a good player. I just think they shouldn't waste their $50 and expect to run with the rest of us.

People please remember FPS means absolutely nothing unless you post the weight of your bb's along with it.

Something tells me it's not so much the gun that matters, but the person who's using it. But what do i know?

it's not the gun that matters... as long as it's decent anyways.. Bringing a springer to a game is like bringing peanuts to a knife fight. sure you might hit him... but he might not even notice and if he doesn't notice then he doesn't call his shots. when your playing with a tac-vest on and full bdu's then you wont always feel a cheap gun. That and when your running up to get in range someone else will reach out and touch you.

i beg to differ... now my spring g36c has recently gone various (cheap and home made) mods and has been pushed up a fair bit... my aeg is for cqb... and it excels in it just for the fact that i know how to use it... as for my springer ive been using it today and yet again actually winning with it vs some nice and expensive (tm, ca and a wa... its got very little to do with the gun.. sounds dumb but ive paid... probably $50 total on my springer... and 16 was the rifle... so cheap isnt always bad,... and im probably gonna throw up an i'ble when i do my next set of upgrades...

Cheap is always bad. Springers are not always bad but cheap is. Yes you can win with any gun obviously but your chances decrease with the quality of your gun. You either got some skills or the people you play with don't because I'd be offended if I got out by a cheap gun it's just disgraceful. Props to you modding it but it is still a spring version of an automatic weapon which just adds to my disliking of it. I don't know why you keep discussing this here as this topic is intended for people with guns in a different class then yours.

I don't have them anymore due to some of the last years events but I used to have: - High power spring sniper, odd brand I can't remember the name of - A marui desert eagle gas blowback (which I got for £40 due to an order mix up) - A gas blowback VZ-61 scorpion (heavily modified to keep up with uber AEGS) - Springfield centimeter competion pistol - Another oddly branded shotgun, spring but powerful and carried 50 rounds so good - Colt python revolver (gas 12 shot) again modified heavily and converted to Co2 - A few spring pistols - A few mini AEGs again most of them had been modified including a mini MP5 with an aluminium holder built on for a 6V lantern battery, modified hopper (~400rounds), extended and replaced barrel, and slightly more powerful spring added. I also had a completely homemade gun which was completely silent and loads of fun... I used to play down in my dads container yard with a bunch of us who were into it, we set some insane rules and came up with absolutelymad games, one of the best bits was no holds barred every man for himself, which involved no limits on weaponry. I have went to a fair few skirmishes but always got a bit miffed at them, my main weapon alway had to undergo FPS testing and tuning for safety reasons which takes like half an hour, that and they weren't always comfortable with my tactics, most of them use quite bad ones or attempt to cheat, still it was a great laugh once you're in the thick of it, also marshals are annoying when you do your damndest to dodge every shout only to be told your were hit on the are, which I wasn't... I never spent much money on it as I got the most expensive guns as broken, the sniper had a simple jam but due to the breech loading (it had two ways of loading) the owner thought it was finished and the desert eagle was a winner as it should have been the cheapy gas one...

I have a friend who own a Tokyo Mauri AUG, but doesn't know how to use it. I used to play in my younger days with springers and cheapo electric pistols and miniguns. The only one I own now is a $25 electric pistol with auto fare gathering dust somewhere.

Would a semi-auto CO2 350 FPS gun be considered 'real'? What are you talking about?

does a UHC airsoft Berretta count as "real" gun?