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camera lens won't close and camera can't focus Answered

my kodak easyshare mini camera fell 1m off a table onto a hard floor, while the lens was opened. now it won't close properly and the camera won't focus at all. we have tried gently forcing it shut and twisting the lens, etc
can anyone help me or is my camera ruined?



Best Answer 6 years ago

It' broken. There is a chance that you can take it apart un-jam it then put it back together and it'll work. Google camera repair to see what's involved. there are gears, levers. ball bearings etc. if one of them get out of the groove the the lens is stuck.
This often happens when a camera is dropped. These cameras really are a Chinese puzzle to get back together though.

Good luck.

in a nutshell, there are no user servicable parts on inexpensive point and shoot cameras -- you can send it in for repair, but the shipping cost alone will be more than the cost of an equivalent replacement.

...sorry :(

+1 doesn't seem appropriate somehow.

I took one apart, to release the CCD for further experiments a couple of weeks ago WOW, they're amazing inside.

But probably unserviceable, if you bust it. Its dead, so you've nothing to lose by attempting to fix it, be warned, there are some very , very small screws in there.


I tried to take my sx200 apart...I simply couldn't FIND all the screws/clips et al. I got it about 50% 'shell removed' and couldn't get further. Probably needs some fancy canon tool to reach behind something and do something. ridiculous. (I have dust on the sensor and its simply impossible for a mere mortal to get in there.

I, of course, could use some violence to get it, but discovered that most of it was done with funky plastic clips which popped open.

How DO they build these things in production !


I say this acknowledging a slightly sad fact that is impossible to avoid:

small asian children with tiny fingers.

...and black magic.

thank you everyone for you replies. i can understand that, i'm not good with little fiddly things like that and yes steve, i'd probably end up slamming it down on the bench a few times

alas, my poor camera died in the middle of an instructable!