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camera memory Answered

If I were to take one of those tiny camcorders that just has a mono sound out and a video out (yellow plug on tv's), is there a schematic that I can use to record them to something like an sd card?


Get a TV tuner capture card....... or PCMCIA card for a laptop you can get a cheap one for around 30 bucks or an awesome one for upwards of $500 check Ebay for TV tuner cards or PCMCIA TV tuner......... they have USB ones now too....but not sure how good they are

The usb TV tuners are supposed to be fine to use, although there is an apparent lag with the older ones, while that's absolutely fine for pretty much anything as you wouldn't notice anything except a lag in switching channels or such, if you were to hook a game console up, it would definatly be painful to watch.

You would need an NTSC converter... good luck with that, I've never seen any. Hopefully that should get you started, though. Once you find the chip, look at the example schem in the datasheet ;-)

I've seen tonnes of them mang for like $60 at the store.

I was referring to a chip ;-) And I mean NTSC to some data format that you can put on an SD card ;-)

I'm refering to a PCI capture card to encode said NTSC data to said SD card. All from your computer, wow amazing.

Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
I was explaining why I said I never heard of anything like that, since we are going in two completely different directions ;Phttps://www.instructables.com/forum/camera-memory/?comments=all#

Ah okay, yes I see what you're getting at.

NTSC conerter? Don't those just covert NTSC to pal or the other way round?

I was thinking something that I could mod to make portable, I just watched kipkay's video and for the first time im inspired by him, but I don't have a handy cam

tv tuners and all that stuffs good, but I'm aiming for portability. Can't I just use an a/d converter, maybe a pic, some other components like caps and resistors foe timing, and have all of that write to an sd card?

Uhm - no, not really. That's why you need the NTSC decoder.

Ok, fine - yes, you *could* build the decoder yourself, using a good amount of analog circuitry, an A/D converter, a PIC, and a bunch of other stuff - not to mention a lot of time and effort. Or you could just buy an NTSC decoder chip for $10 or so...

could you use something like an ipod as a storage device?