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camera's wont work with batteries? Answered

i got 3 different camera's, and they all 3 fail with multiple brand batteries.
they start up, work the lense out, and then turn off.

then, when i try to restart it, the same thing happens, only now the lense goes in, instead of out.

it appears to be at least 3 different brands of batteries, all with 3 different camera's.
the batteries that DO work, however have ran out.

how is this possible? they all measure 1.5V (-ish, like all batteries) even the ones that did work.
is it possible for manufactors to let theyr devices only accept a certain brand of battery?


Are you trying to use standard low-cost batteries? Many (most?) cameras draw a lot of power, and require NiMH or Lithium batteries. Mine, for example, will power up on a fresh set of alkalines, but die almost Immediately in much the way you've described.

Older battery technologies just can't keep up with the camera's needs.

one of the camera's im mentioning is pretty old, at least 5 years, and requires 4 AAA's.

i have a battery checker thingie, it shows how much % roughly is left in the battery, il try that later.

but if they do drain that fast, how much mA batteries do i need?

It's not the capacity as such (although newer batteries will have higher capacities) but the instantaneous current the camera can draw from the battery.  If the battery cannot supply a sudden peak in current, the voltage drops and the camera turns off. 
I use 2450mAH AA NiMh rechargables in my camera and1000mAH AAA for other high-demand items.

hmm, like a li-ion combared to one of those 12V battery packs?

il try to find some of those batteries.
any good online sources? (preferably with low international shipping costs, i live in the netherlands @ europe)

They're widely available (check your local eBay and Amazon) but in a camara I'd recommend the Uniross Hybrio batteries.   A bit lower capacity but the thing about the hybrid batteries (Eneloop, Hybrio) is they have a much lower self discharge factor which is useful in a camera.  Self discharge is the discharging of a battery when it's not connected to anything and can be quite high, e.g. 50% of the battery's capacity in 30 days.

Interesting tip re the Hybrio batteries; I haven't heard about them before.