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camping. no generator but you want to run a fan all night . how would create the power to do it ? Answered

wondering if it is possible to create a power source . I camp alot and cant stand the sound of a generator. wondered if steam power would be enough to recharge a battery ( 12 volt) that runs all night hooked up to a fan . ( probably a Usb sized ) just enough to move the air around the tent . 

just thinking aloud here but is there a way to make a home made steam generator? boiling water causes fans to rotate, in turn this causes a electric charge . 

I am also looking into wind powered. most the places i camp can be a tiny bit drafty. 
during the day solar power could be used. also 



Best Answer 7 years ago

GO AHEAD using a 12v 80ah battery, it will run a fan for a very very longtime. i used my computer fan for it and works great

what size fan ? A tent is small enough i can create a nice breeze with a 120 mm fan wit no problem .

yeah 12v 0.35a 120mm fan works well for me. i also used the blades from an old broken microwave oven fan and hooked it to a small 12v motor that i salvaged from an old broken video cassette player. these things consumes a very small quantity of current.

this picture shows a fan powered by my 12vdc adaptor. also works with batteries


Various possibilities.

An effective fan that runs off battery power recharged with solar during the day.

A Stirling fan run from the residual heat in your camp fire at night.

Get a lighter sleeping bag.

i like the Sterling fan idea. would it be enough to help re-charge the battery ? or would you run the fan straight off it ?

with the fan straight off the sterling, you could use it to cool the cold side cylinder, the air would be slightly warmer that you get, but the efficiency would rise, making it spin faster.

Run fan directly.


I usually don't use a sleeping bag. I just tend to sleep Hot . Don't know why just always have.

You can get some nice fans at wally world for camping that runs on D batteries. Depending on how long your camping a set of D batteres should be enough.

also if its drafty during the day then just open your rain fly up on the tent.

Be carefull to measure the amps actually used by the fan... or at least use one like a computer muffin fan. They dont use hardly any amps and work on 12 volts. Then use a separate 12 volt battery that you can charge during the day while you are driving around in your car. If you place a block of ICE into a cooler... then blow the fan into and out of the cooler, you could make a pretty good air conditioner that might cool your tent for hours with very little electricity. Ice is usually only a dollar or 2 at most camping areas. Some fans use more amps than you suspect, and might not last all night.