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can 57 gb be compressed to 38 gb? Answered

I have a windows vista laptop and a 38 gb external hdd. I need to back up almost 57 gb of stuff. Is there a program out there that has a compression ratio that big?
please help?


Just get a bigger backup drive. You can get 500Gb for as little as $60.

Maybe you could compress and archive your "stuff" as a .rar file using winrar or even 7zip onto a flashdrive and then extract them back all at once or singly when you need them.



Be aware that video files are usually compressed (unless they are massive-AVIs or similar). MP3 is a compreesed format, JPEG is a compressed format. So as others advise; the answer depends upon what you have a need to compress. This is because you cannot compress compressed-data much further than it already is.


As Steve says, it is entirely dependent on the format of the files you have.

If you can't get a good enough compression ratio, convert videos/music to MP4/3 format if you have a lot of them.

TreesizeFree can graphically show the size of all directories, allowing you to locate and remove any large or unnecessary files that you may have missed or have been created by software.

Depends entirely on the kind of files you are compressing -text compresses amazingly, Jpegs, much less so.