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can I and How to use these screens for a portable NES i am working on. I need to know what wires to connect where? Answered

I an working on a portable NES system and i have these screens (one from a portable DVD player and one form a small tv/radio) they are both 7", the screens themselves are the same but the circuitry is different, as the one from the dvd player has speakers already there. I just need to know where to connect the power, video, and audio wires and if i need to build any circuit boards. If it helps at all i am going by this  https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Portable-Game-System/ Also this is the battery i have- a 3.7v LI-ION with the protection circuit (about 6.5 volt after the circuit) what do i need and how do i charge it? 


Where does the connector from the (now) defunct dvd portion connect to the screen section?

Where does the first screen connect to the 2nd screen.

whatever is COMMON between those connections, you probably have to hook up - and you're right- simply finding composite video inputs will probably get the job done.

the one from the dvd player connects to the main board through that bundle of gray wires and the other screen has 5 different connectors on its board so i assume the one from the dvd player would be easier. and wouldn't i be able to hook up a video converter to certain points on the video chip?

Get all the information you can off the main chip on the video board. Then do a google search to find the Data Sheet on it. From there you can figure out what kind of signal it needs and weather or not you'll need a converter for it. Not sure if you'll be able to get them working or not.

is that the big chip on the boards connected to the screen by the ribbon cable (i new at this)

Yes the big black square on the circuit board. Don't expect much. Trying to adapt salvaged screens like this can be difficult. But maybe a search will turn up a project someone else has done using a similar screen.

Ok thanks I will do that, I know it has been done and I know they both work fine I just couldn't find anything specifically for this kind of screen. Thanks