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can I make a portable water heater using a water heater element? Preferably submersible? Answered



7 years ago

Meet a prize dummy. I want a submersible water heater too, and bought the Marshaltown 'Bucket Heater' at 34$ plus delivery charge - ie that put the price up to 54$. Had to pay 40$ import duty (europe) = 90$
THEN - discovered I had forgotten that 110v 1120v is no use here. Got to be 210-220v. So when I plugged it in, it got red hot and had to be switched off IMMEDIATELY - or it would destroy itself.
SO - where to now?
I can see how the bucket heater is made - with a sealed unit for the wiring. Otherwise it looks VERY simple - but could be very dangerous as a DIY project.
However there must be a way to seal all the wiring inside heatproof/waterproof plastic. Elements (eg of the kind used for hot water tanks) come in all sizes and are easily obtainable. Only the waterproff connection is a puzzle at the moment , but cant be too hard.


9 years ago

Why not use the Sun?


10 years ago

yep connect to earth the external part of the eement and keep water away from the connections (keep them out of the water so that water cant get electrified). the heater should be in the water up to the disk on it - otherwise it overheats i suggest using rcd sealing the connections with high temperature sealant (to avoid electrolysis) may allow complete submersion (it may fail and electrify the water quite easily so use rcd and dont touch the water)