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can I open up a flyback transformer? Answered

I have an old broken flyback and I dont want to throw it out yet because there are some goodies inside it. Well I got down to buisness and started cuting the plastic shell, But after taking half of the black plastic off I found outthat It was filled with some type of hard whitesh -yellow cast.
I dont know how to take that off. does any one know how to or should I just trash it?



Sounds like an epoxy-potted component. If so, hammer and chisel and expect to destroy the wiring unless you're extremely lucky.

"No user-maintainable components."

You can remove the ferrite core. Just boil in water for 5-10 min. and it should come off easily..

As for the coil, all the wires are casted by some glue, which requires etremly high temperatures(probably higher than to melt the copper). Unless you find some solvent to dissolve in it...


8 years ago

I guess your right. Ill trash it....

I once re-wound the wiring inside a FLYBACK transformer but it was in a
REALLY OLD TV.  It was a FARNSWORTH wooden tv with a big lid on top.
FARNSWORTH is the guy who invented the television process.  Anyway, to answer your question,  .... modern tv's put potting compound around the wiring of the flyback.  There is no way to get to this wire that I know of... unless you are working on a VERY OLD black and white tv...so....    Just trash it.

What did you hope to find inside? Like ork says, you can destroy the thing and throw the bits away, or as you suggest just dispose of the entire thing.