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can I plug a microphone directly into pc speakers? Answered



7 years ago

If it's a typical PC microphone into amplified speakers, you'll get sound but it won't be very loud. The speakers are expecting line-level voltage which the microphone will not supply.

Probably not. Microphones produce very low-level signals, and require a preamplifier to bring them up to the signal strength ("line level") most other equipment likes to work with.

As Re-design says, some microphones need power, either from an internal battery or via "phantom power" supplied by the device they're plugged into. Unfortunately, that does NOT generally mean they produce line-level output; it's just the result of how electret microphones function.

If the speakers are amped and your mic doesn't require outside power then it probably will work. If the speakers are not amped you'll have to put an amp between them. Some mics need power to work.