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can I reuse my cell phone If I buy a new sim card? Answered


I still have all Sim cards . But since phone service has been disconnected what good are thry. after getting 2 300$ phone bills I figuredit be worth my while to change to a prepaid account. Before my husband comes out of his comma.What if my phones locked?? What's with that? Steve will you be able to help me with that if so. going to check out sim in the am.Thanks So much peeps.

Whether you can re-use your phone will depend on the carrier your switching from and to. If the phone is locked, then it means you can't switch sim cards. Without knowing any specifics (like the carrier you had before), it makes it difficult to say what options you have as far as prepaid service goes.

Here's some good information that should help you understand the network differences between carriers, and why you can't switch between them. After that, your best bet is to talk to the prepaid company you intend to switch to and ask them whether or not your specific phone can be reused.

I hope that helps. If you have any more questions, then just reply.

What happened to the old SIM card?


Like Steve said, most of the time you can. Exceptions exist if you have something like a tracfone. You're better off asking the carrier.

Usually, yes, its that simple. It may need to be unlocked from the network.