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can I take a web cam apart, lengthen the wires, and use it to snake into walls to find cables, plmb,etc? Answered



Rather than take the webcam apart to do this, why not use a USB extender?
You plug in your webcam into one end, plug the other end into the computer and use as much UTP cable (normal network cable) between the two as you need.
Unboosted USB will only give you 15 feet or thereabouts.

to the USB length limit, yes. That's going to be the real sticking point though, since you only get about 5 yards/meters of travel with USB.

Looking in walls and plumbing would be possible but I would think you would need to have it attached to something a little more sturdy than just the wire itself.  Also you would need to make sure it's water proof or you just wasted your time.

Yes, if you don't put too much length on.