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can I use a 400mA adapter instead of a 1000mA one? Answered

The 12V 1000mA adapter of my cctv camera stopped working as I switched on the pc monitor. 1) Can I use a 12V 400mA adapter instead of the 12V 1000mA one ? 2) Can the original one be repaired ? Thanks



8 years ago

Thanks for your prompt replies. No specs came with the cam and the adapter is an electronic one. Thought so that I will have to go for a new one but I wanted to check, even if for a few moments that the camera is still ok before buying one. Thanks again

Hmm...do you mean the monitor stopped showing pictures shortly after you switched on the monitor, or that the power supply actually stopped working? How do you know it's the power supply? did you measure it's output voltage? Your reply above leads me to believe that the camera could be at fault, so I'm puzzled: "even if for a few moments that the camera is still ok before buying one. "

The monitor was switched off but computer was on and camera recording until the monitor was switched on. After that there was no feed from the camera and the monitor is still ok, besides the adapter`s Led does not work anymore, that`s why I hope it`s the adapter that`s faulty. "even if for a few moments that the camera is still ok before buying one. " What I meant was if I can use the 400mA adapter with the camera for a few seconds to see if the camera is still working. Thanks and sorry that I puzzled you.

Ok, right...I guessed that from your reply above... but have you actually measured the output of the 12V supply?

If not, you can get a cheapo from MicroCenter or most of the other "bigboy" computer marts for under $10, and if you don't have one, it's a damned good thing to have...equivalent to the electrical screwdriver of the modern world. And it beats the hell out of guesswork. ;)

BTW, it's my profession and I have one of those cheapos...fine for all but precision work. At the cost can't be beat.


8 years ago

I am not sure, that is why I wanted to check with another adapter. Now that you mentioned the fuse, that`s why I asked if it can be fixed.

Take the adapter down to radio shack and ask them to test it for you. If it's bad they can fit you with another one that works.

Are you sure it's gone, and the fuse hasn't blown? Similarly, are you sure it's the transformer has gone, and not something else (other than the fuse)?

It's unlikely that the manufacturer of the CCTV camera would supply a 1 Amp (1000mA) power supply without the need to do so, since it costs the company profit to supply equipment superior to that required for minimal support of the camera.

It is highly unlikely that a 400mA power supply will be sufficient... I'm not 100% certain, since you did not provide load specifications for the camera, but best guess based on the limited information that you've chosen to supply with this question.

it is highly unlikely that it can be repaired by an average consumer such as your self. Perhaps by some, but not by you if you have to ask that question.

A new, generic 12V, 1000mA power supply will cost you about $10-15 at the local Radio Shack or a variety of other brick and mortar or online stores, or with assurance that it already has the specific CCTV power connector attached at an inflated price from the CCTV camera supplier.

In the event that Radio Shack or similar is used as a source, If necessary, the old connector wiring can be used with the new supply by carefully splicing the wires from the old unit to those of a new one, first ensuring that polarities are properly maintained. If that is something you aren't skilled enough to do, take the them to a local electronics repair shop and pay the justifiable fee, or pay the elevated cost for the special camera supply from the CCTV vendor.

Well, probably you can't use a smaller one. If you have your instructions and can look at the requirements if it uses 400 or less then you can use the smaller one. Your local radio parts store will have a replacement. It won't look the same but they can fit the plug to what you have and it's not expensive. Take the broken power supply to them so you can make sure that the plug, voltage polarity etc. match. Good luck.

No. Absolutely not. If you try to draw more current than the transformer can supply it will overheat. Good electronics will shut down before this, but there are plenty of cheap Asian imports that don't. And that's how electrical fires get started. Can it be repaired? I don't know cos I can't see it for myself. If the windings on the transformer are dead then no but if it's just the wiring, yes, and I've replaced at least a dozen of them. Don't do it if you're not sure. A replacement can be bought at your electronic shop very cheaply indeed.