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can I use harddrive magnets in a guitar pickup build? Answered

O.K. I saw the question on the internet but never an answer. I build CBGs and desire to build pickups. I get using transformers like step down or AC to DC puttin a magnet inside the coil of the secondary. These Harddrive magnets are shaped like an arc and are some kind of strong, watch your fingers, they snap together big time. How can I use them and if I have to cut them any ideas?



Best Answer 5 years ago

You can use any kind of magnet to build a guitar pickup. But the magnets in pickups aren't usually this high power. Too much magnetism may change the tone/tuning of the strings in a negative way. They may even weaken the sustain of the strings. Since the strings are not the same thickness they won't be effected the same amount or in the same way.

In the end the only way to find out is to make one and try it out. You may like the result or you may not, but either way you will have fun.

Provided the strings are magnetic yes.

The magnets magnetise the strings that then vibrate creating a moving magnetic field across the pick up coil.

Ahem I did say "steel strings"

:-) Wasn't arguing just expanding. :-)


5 years ago

I don't see how using any kind of magnet can make a CBG audio sensor.

What you want to use is a piezo disc or if your build is strong enough
for steel strings a wound magnetic pickup using a soft iron core.


I do use piezo bar and disc on most CBGs. This is just an extention of my hobby to walk the road less traveled. Thanks for you inpit.

I did build it. Placed it 1/4" ??mm above my strings, a little on the bass side but much better than I expected. Much fun and my first input to this wonderful site. Thanks your all your input.