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can I use hot glue as solder? Answered

I would like to be able to solder things together but don't have a solder gun and have no experience in soldering. however, i thought that perhaps i could use the hot glue like solder. is this applicable? 


Depends on the application. You could in fact use hot glue to to help hold a pair of wires together rather that soldering them. But hot glue wouldn't work for putting components on a perf board or PCB. Hot glue is sometimes used on electronics to help secure larger components to a board so they don't vibrate or break free. Sometimes it's used to hold wires out of the way.


1 year ago

silver loaded expoxy


5 years ago

No, hot glue is an insulator. Solder is a conductive metal that makes both an electrical connection and a mechanical one.

Soldering is not hard to do and the tools are pretty inexpensive. Practice on making wire connections with scrap wire until you get the hang of it. Its a good skill to have.

Many people mistakenly think soldering is similar to WELDING. Solder is a very weak metal and will not withstand vibration or movement or pressure on the soldered pieces. If you solder something instead of weld it, then the metal will eventually come apart. There is a wide range of options for you to choose from to attach 2 things together including glue (many kinds), welding, bolting, riveting, spotwelding, brazing... and maybe more. Soldering is good for electrical connections that have no pressure/stresses on them.