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can I use l293d in place of uln2003?? Answered



It depends what your going to do with it.

it's not a pin compatable chip so directly the answer would be NO.

The 293 is an H bridge and is usually used to drive 1 or 2 motors fwd and back

The 2003 is a darlington high current driver - can be used to drive any device in its current range - essentially it's a switch.

IF your driving a stepper motor then the 293 will drive them as well as the 2003 once you sort out the pins.

293 only provided around 600 Ma of current though.

I want to drive bipolar stepper motors for 3 axis cnc plotter, but on net I found the driver for unipolar with uln2003 only, I have l293d chips, so I want to drive these motors with l293d in place of uln2003 with "pc parallel port" IS IT POSSIBLE TO DO SO?? thats why I am asking this!! I have controlled a bipolar with atmega8, but i want it with parallel port and l293d, So can I do this??

As Rick says, it depends what for.