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can I use power supply of a dead lens DVD player Answered

can I use power supply of a dead lens DVD player? it has 3, 5, 12 volts outs shown on the PCB...can that work as a multi-out lab power supply ?


Thanks alot for all your kind answers. Now I have a clear idea. especially ICENG reply. therefore, I guess better build a conventional LM317 variable supply.

Anyone can now suggest a proper use for this ? other than rip the parts ?

"Anyone can now suggest a proper use for this?"

Use at "Raspberry Pi" for Example or at "Fan Cooler" at a +5V/+12V.

When that's can be (almost) same practical use as a Stock ATX PC's. {it's a not about at "APU's of a 65W example" for "DVD Player Power Supply" - then can't be possible at Any "DVD Players Power Supply" will be has a "power stable performance" anyway. [That's is a DIY instruction.]} but That's one difference it's a not have a Powerful place as a "PicoPSU" will be have for ATX PC's.

I wouldn't recommend it, unless you add some extra protection circuits. I suspect this will have NO current limits, other than fuses.

+1 Not knowing what the limits of each rail is you could easily overload the PSU and cause a fire. That one fuse on there is only protecting the PSU from an overload on the mains side.

Just between us robots.

Switching Power Supplies are "funny" 
They will not deliver their designed output voltage at  NO-LOAD

You must put at least a HALF of the LOAD on the output before the
switcher decides to put out.


As a lab supply, def not.

As a project supply for small things that want to work on mains - I'd say insulate it in a box and go for it. The voltage outs are all marked and it looks to be engineered with at least some high low voltage protection. If possible read the dvd player label and see what wattage it originally used and try not to exceed that (combined on all rails).

Don't forget the kicker of identifying the prime supply rail, and keeping it adequately loaded.