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can I use two 24 volt ac stepper motor wind generators connected together to charge a 12 volt battery Answered

* Model # UBR2UG4D30CNN3E
* 24Vac,    60 Hz,    1.5W
* 009,    30s,    3.9uF
* Dimension: Diameter 1-3/8” x Depth 3/4”

here are all the specs i could find not too sure what they mean. i read somewhere on the internet that it would be best to use a 50 volt one, so i was wondering if i connected them to together positive to negative like in a solar panel or all the + to the + and - to the - on the battery if this would work. i know you need to change the ac to dc


That doesn't sound like  a stepper to me  That's a synchronous motor

What’s the difference?  "synchronous motor " can one still  be used as a generator?
 Is it too small id like a meaning full amount of power .  and if  could get them in sync could link them to get it.

I have just read an article and it mentioned a stepper motor  Voltage Doubler Circuit. could this be the answer  could i use on a  synchronous

Thats sounds like one of those tiny clock/timer motors judjing by the size and power. Does it have a gearbox attached ?

I doubt it will produce any meaningful power unless it has permanent magnets even then you won't see more that 1.5W

Did you strip the motor from something, if so what ?

You won't be able to connect them directly in series as the AC will be out of sync, you'll have to rectify it first.

I found this on ebay for $5 ish thought i'd ask before i'd buy. good job i think, will keep looking. 
Could you explain more about out of sync?  
I think you means the wave lengths will be different (??) .
If they are the same model motors should they not be the same.

Or is it more to do with the wind and the motors turning at different speeds and doing whatever it is they do to the coils at deferent times.

Any ideas on how on rectify it.

Basically the output waves from the motors will peak at different times so one could be making +1V while the other is making -1V so they'd cancel each other out. If you rectify the outputs they'll always be the same +V and -V (DC) so you can connect them in series.

You could rectify them using standard bridge rectifiers from ab electronics store.