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can a battery in reverse act as a resistor??? Answered

I was wondering if for example, putting a 1.5 volt battery in a 9 volt circuit, but in reverse would act as a resistor and take the 9v down to 7.5 volts?  I am too scared to try it, and just wanted to know if it has been tried before.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Think of a battery as an electron pump. In most cases, the don't include a diode (one way valve) so they push electrons through at x volts. If you put a 1.5 in backwards, it will force 1.5 volts backwards and they will hit the 9 incoming volts and you are indeed correct, should burn off to 7.5 volts. Trouble lies in each battery will act like a short circuit and use all its might to cancel each other out, an you get real hot real fast.


7 years ago

Yeah, it'll do that... until one or both batteries blow up. You're better off using a voltage regulator for the job.

People accidentally try this all the time, when they inadvertently insert one or more batteries incorrectly in electronics devices. No. it's really not a very brilliant idea. It can result in one or more batteries heating up and oozing nasty goo inside whatever you're powering.

That's not advisable. Plus resistors cost way less than batteries.