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can a car generartor be used as or for a wind generator? Answered



I've heard in some 'ibles (wind power, stationary bike generator) about using a car alternator... But from what I have heard, an alternator requires high RPMs, which wind usually can't create. so you would need some sort of belt drive to increase rotation speeds.

Potentially, depending on build as alchemist pointed out. Depending on your power, why not use something starting with an electric scooter motor up to a golf cart or forklift electric motor. You could pick up either pretty cheap used at the junk yard.

no ,no it is make for cars not to make in wind generator but you have to use a
dynamo to create a energy by spinning the dynamo like this


From my understanding, a car alternator needs to be modified. Unlike most motor/generators, the car alternator doesn't have a perminant magnet core, it has an electromagnetic core chich is just a coil winding. The alternator needs electricity to generate the magnetic field, combined with mechanical rotation is able to produce electricity in the outer winding. The modification consists of removing the rotating hub and replacing it with a perminant magnet. I have seen a couple of places on the net that sell modified alternators. They cost about $200 (I think).

It can and has been used. Google the terms and you will find plans and schematics for this re-use.

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