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can a cd burner diode from a computer burn a match? Answered

self explanatory from question



8 years ago

no... try looking at the dvd burner/blu ray burner hacks.

Just don't look too close...

CD burner laser diode emmit IR. You cant see it with naked eye. It can burn your eye for sure. Better go for dvd/blu ray laser diode as Zerogx recomended.

Iremember another webiste doing this and they made it clear that a higher power laser is needed, so much so that they deliberately overloaded the laser to light the match; the laser didn't last too long either. I seem to remember from the 1980s that penpointing lasers gretaer than 5mw were banned as that was powerful enough to cut retinas but still notlight matches -so keep themaway from everybodies eyes.

Only if you've managed to set the diode on fire first.