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can a motor from a recharchable drill de used asa gnerator? Answered

not sure how to tell if it's brushless or wha...just thought the gearing in the drill head would work good for getting a motor to spin fast enough to generate some juice...



The attached pictures show what was some sort of cheap cordless screwdriver in its former life.  The motor was attached to a 3V incandescent flashlight bulb, by way of the black and blue wires you see in the picture.  A metal crank made from 1/4-inch steel rod stock was attached where the screwdriver bit used to go.  Turning the crank causes the gears to turn, and the motor turns much faster than the crank.

The second, very blurry,  picture shows me vigorously turning the crank,  and driving a few watts into the flashlight bulb.


It's a brushed motor. Atleast I've never seen a battery drill that wasn't brushed.  And it would make a good generator.

The gears should be good enough for using it as a generator but it's gonna take some power to spin it for long.  But the gears were meant to work in the opposite way and the motor pinion gear may wear faster.  It'll be a good experiment.

Yep, all motors are reversible.