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can a stationary bicycle generate 500 watts? Answered




9 years ago

you might be able to do so, but you need to have a big flywheel and lots off gears(up to the point that you can barely get it started)

Sustained output at this level would be very hard work. If you're thinking of generating power yourself this way it's probably something to think better of (unless you cycle hard a lot?)


Yes, it's possible. Wikipedia says:

100 W - biomed: approximate basal metabolic rate used by the human body[3]
500 W - biomed: power output of a person working hard physically
909 W - biomed: peak output power of a healthy human (nonathlete) during a 30-second cycle sprint at 30.1 degree Celsius. [4]
up to 2 kW - biomed: approximate short-time power output of sprinting professional cyclists


. The generator may be able to, but humans can only put out about 150-200 W.

No, unfortunately it cannot. I once tried a bike generator hooked up to a 60 watt lamp and it wasn't too easy. I doubt that a normal non-steroid abusing bicyclist can do this.

No. Not if a human is powering it.