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can a tesla coil be rectified with a huge diode? Answered

I found a few hv diode (1 Mega Volt) and some around 240 kv, but the question that I asked myself was if I could get  DC current from a Tesla coil by rectifying it with a proper HV diode. Is it possible???



Best Answer 8 years ago

If your tesla coil puts out LESS voltage than the HV diode is rated at, then I would think YES you could rectify it.  Roughly, a one inch spark equals 10,000 volts. 2 inches is 20,000 volts.  The rectified voltage would be very low amperes probably microamps. 

He's answered your question, now I have a question for you. 

How are you going to keep the diode from arcing over?

And, what are you going to use the mega-d/c for?

Well to keep it from arcing out I saw another guy that  covered his diode in a thick rubber/plastic insulation and then closed each end. He then filled it with oil and thats did it. How long will it last I dont know, I hope for a while at least. I am playing around with different configurations of the lifters(smaller ones and bigger ones, triangle square and round.) So far very good results but need more power for my latest build.