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can an automatic washing machine be made into a manual one.? Answered

i would like to be able to run an automatic washing machine the same as one does  TWIN TUB washing machine. like adding the water myself via a bucket instead of the machine connected to a tap. as i intend to live out in the bush with only generator power and no water pump on the tank. can an automatic washing machine be made to operate as a manual one.?? thanks everyone.!!



If your generator produces enough electricity to power the washing machine and your only problem is the water supply, you can install a tank above the machine (e.g. on a roof) you can route a pipe from the tank to the machine and use it in the normal way. Of course, you'll have to get the water into the tank somehow.

If you don't have enough electricity to power the machine, ... sorry, no idea.

I don't think it will be a problem if you have an older washing machine with a mechanical timer. There is a water level switch  which will start the wash cycle
once the proper water level is reached in the tub.
It won"t matter if the water gets into the tub via the water supply solenoid valve on the machine or by you pouring water into the tub  with bucket or hose.

The newer digital timer washing machines will be problematic  so stay away from those :


5 years ago

In many parts of the world the preferred method is still to bang it on a rock. Why bother with a machine at all. Use a tub and a washboard, that is the design that worked for a long time before we all got spoiled with machines.

It all depends on what machine your trying to work with and what the internal mechanics are like. Older machines that uses a dial will be easier to convert since most of the operation and timing is all electro-mechanical. The dial is a mechanical timer that slowly spins and uses brass contacts to activate the pumps, valves, and motors as it turns. Valves can be switched to mechanical ones and the motor can be replaced by a chain drive going to a bike. But then your spending upwards of 30 minutes peddling to keep it running for a full cycle. Maybe less since you'll probably want to skip the spin cycle.