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can any body help me make simply bio gas plant from the scratch to generate electricity? Answered

I want to make a simply bio gas plant to generate electricity for home use




6 years ago

Assuming a large source of animal or vegetable waste you need:

A long (100 meters) plastic tube - Heavy gauge PVC will be OK such as used for making green houses.

Lay on the ground and tie each end 20 feet in with rope - Tightly

At the end tie again this forms an air lock to allow you to put material in and get compost out.

Fill with you waste by undoing the first rope - Fill the 20 foot air lock with gunk - retie the rope at the end

Loosen the inner rope and push the gunk thorough into the main chamber to ferment.

Retie the second rope.

The gunk breaks down and produces methane. you need to provide a tap off valve to be able to access this. the valves should be at the top of the plastic cylinder.

The methane can be used to run a small car engine that can drive a generator producing your electricity. OR Burned to produce steam and drive a conventional turbine to generate electricity.

This is a real system and is used a lot in India and China.

In reality your not going to do this - it takes space, a lot of on going effort to run and a fair amount of money upfront to install the generating equipment.

For personal use you would be better of economizing on your current energy use, make your house energy efficient. use wind power or local water power to generate low level electricity (low voltage) which is useful for many things around the home as so much of our life is battery powered these days.


6 years ago

How much money have got for this?



Answer 6 years ago

You don't need much money, just a cow. A mild mannered, well trained cow that can pedal a pedal powered generator. So that is a grass powered, with gas as a by product, self repairing, electricity generator.


6 years ago


Let us know whether these plans make sense to you. If they don't it is a sign that you may need to understand your question a bit better.