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can any body tell me where i can find a free print out version of theaarchist cookbook? Answered



Christopher bo

9 years ago

How about you not even ask about something like that in public ... Hmm, your looking to get investigated, this is a serious time we live in.

You can also find it via most public book-getting avenues. It was a print book and it still IS in print in the USA. There are many debates about having it banned across the US and in other countries, but censorship is not a good thing and goes against freedom of speech.

Still, having a copy is not illegal... In fact I own one, as well as a number of other texts with similar names. As a former student of political science and literature, I keep them as reference material. Anyone who has an interest in it can own it. However, the caution is:

Should you commit a crime related to the contents of the Anarchists Cookbook, your copy of the book can be used to prove pre-meditation and criminal intent.

Which is why I refused to simply deliver the book to this person.


9 years ago

Do you mean a version you print yourself??? It's all over the web, you just find a copy and click "print." I'm not going to hold your hand through this one as I find it irresponsible to deliver this text into the hands of someone who has thus far asked only for it and information on a detonator. I caution you though, that The Anarchist's Cookbook is not a particularly well researched piece of literature. Many of the things it mentions contain dangerous oversights, mistakes, or outright lies. Nothing in the book should ever be attempted, as nearly every "recipe" is either dangerous or illegal or both. If you choose to read it, do so only as a means to understand a very angry vietnam vet.

Another note: Beyond the dangers in the original Anarchist's Cookbook... you're taking a big big risk trusting the various versions of it found on the internet. Some have been altered well-meaningly, some new ones have been completely made up, and some have been altered to make them even more dangerous. Tread carefully.