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can any one make a working k'nex x-wing? Answered


Like flying? In space? No way, impossible.

Only if I have some time left. I'm not so interested in star wars, but I'm always open to requests.


8 years ago

I sincerely hope you only expect its wings to open, and maybe the cockpit.  If that's the case, then yes, I'm sure someone could do it.  Why don't you try?

i cant see how people love knex guns, they are so pointless. maby thats because i cant make one myself that will work... 

vehicles with suspension is my thing. i just completed a dune buggy and it is about 4 and a half feet long. it has, you got it, four wheel independent suspension AND STEERING!!!!!!!! whats even more amazing than that is it is actually rear wheel drive!!!!! but wait, you are thinking "that is not possible, to have suspension and a drive shaft to turn the wheels, but, but, but fter six years of frustration, i came up with a system that actually works. if you want, i could post pictures 

No, and nobody wants to either.

Of course not. That would take time away from making yet another toy gun.

Yes it would. Who needs a stupid xwing when you can have an arsenal beyond your wildest dreams?