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can any one tell me an idea for chemistry Project for High school ??? Answered


 I really like the Rainbow reaction between sodium hydroxide, sucrose, an potassium permangante :)


8 years ago

Tri Nitro Tolulene! No, they wouldn't like that.
How about penicillin? Lots of sites will say it's really complicated, but it isn't. You'll have a tougher time growing the bacteria you want to kill than you will the penicillin.


8 years ago

Have you heard of chaotic / oscillating chemical reactions? The Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction is very interesting.  Wikipedia has a page discussing it.

This video on YouTube is a beautiful demonstration of the self-organizing patterns the reaction can create.
I don’t know how difficult this would be or how available the reactants are, however.

Apart from that, I would suggest something explosive. Or you could make vodka, that's chemistry, or at least the distilling is. You could also cook a steak and explain the chemical changes going on. I luckily haven't had to do any projects at school all year (my school year is also over). Thinking of it, I've only had to do 2 projects in the entire year.

A demonstration of how volcanos work, using Diet Coke and Mentos.

You didn't say it had to be a good idea.

A relatively easy one would probably be to describe why detergent/soap removes dirt (and what kinds of "dirt") from clothes.  There's actually some interesting organic chemistry involved there, and it's actually a piece of chemical information that's relevant in someone's life.  It's not "thrilling", but you can probably come up with some crazy demonstration and models and throw in some explosions just to jazz it up which would actually be hilarious.  Think Alton Brown demonstrations.  You could do the molecular models with balloons and pop them when appropriate.

Someone gets car oil on their shirt and sprays it with degreaser.  The shirt now smells like degreaser, and the person wants to keep the shirt.  How would you get the degreaser out?  And then how would you get that compound out?  Why does it work?