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can any one tell me how to make a pneumatic screwdriver??? Answered

i just want to make a pneumatic screwdriver can any one tell me how to make it??/



Get a pneumatic driver. Chuck a screwdriver bit into it. Done.

If you mean from scratch, you first need to build a turbine which will use the air pressure to produce rotary motion, possibly gearing to get an appropriate trade-off of speed vs. torque, and a control valve which will let you adjust how much air is coming through so it has speeds other than completely off and completely on. Then you need to affix a chuck of some sort to the output of the gear train, to hold the screwdriver bit. Build an appropriate framework and outer skin for all of this which will let you use it without the risk of getting clothes, hair, or skin caught up in the moving parts

If you told us more about what problem you're trying to solve, we might be able to give you more specific advice.

i want to make it on my own as my project....i want to know the working principle....how to convert motions through pressurised air to rotatory and what all things i need to make it.........just like this one. http://img.directindustry.com/images_di/photo-g/pneumatic-screwdriver-162558.jpg

In that case, Steve's pointer looks like what you want. Have fun.

whats is Steve's pointer??? can i get a link or something regarding it??

Pointer: In this case, another term for "link". Steveastrouk posted a note (below) which points to a Wikipedia entry describing swashplate motors. It doesn't actually illustrate how the pistons which drive the swashplate are sequenced; I presume the rotating shaft drives a rotary valve...?

I've got an air ratchet and I've wondered how it work. Now I know.

Yes, very few use turbines, apart from dental drills. The low speed dental drills are still swashplates.

> Get a pneumatic driver. Chuck a screwdriver bit into it. Done.
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