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can anybody give circuit for LEDS slowly glowing to full brightness in sequence Answered

i want three LEDS to glow one by one in a sequence glowing to full brightness and then dieing out 


If you wanted to do it without using a micro I would use something like a CD4017 decade counter which would allow switching anything from 1-10 leds. Very simple to use.

Getting the glow to full brightness is a little more tricky. One op-amp + big cap and a few passives would do it. Would you like me to sketch a circuit?

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While a circuit could be made to what you want it would be easier to wire the LEDs to a micro controller and program it with the sequence you want.


Highly recommend the teensy (1, 2, or 3) depending on how complex the project is - a teensy1 would easily do this for just a few dollars.