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can anybody tell me how i can controll a 7 colored 5mm led? Its been bothering me for some time. Answered

i just want to know  how i can controll the blinking and flashing of an LED i bought.Im a noob at high tech Electronics so go easy on me. This LED has 3 setting(fade,blink, and something else i forgot)i want to be able to control the led to a specific setting. Any help would be great!



4 star ratingNovelty, but no real value
by Phredog Phoenix, AZ on May 1, 2008
The bottom line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
It is pretty neat except for it comes with no instructions.The flat side is -, and the center is +. The remaining lead is for control, and is pulled high via a weak internal pull-up. Connect this lead though a momentary closed pushbutton to ground. When power is applied the LED will cycle though all the colors at about 250mS each color, then will cycle though them four more times but much faster, then it will go to “sleep”.During the startup cycles the pushbutton will have no effect. Once the LED goes to sleep the current drops to only a few micro amps, and the button can control it. Each press of the button cycles though the seven colors, with a off state in between. One additional press places the LED in an indefinite cycle though all 7 colors. Press button one more time to put it to sleep

C'mon, give us some more information to work with, like WHICH LED it is.


Here is the radio shack online information.

T-1 3/4 5mm Full Color LED
Model: 276-028 | Catalog #: 276-028

sorry i didnt add more info im a new member at this.ok so all i need is a switch you say?

maybe some potentionmeters and switches, or an microchip  if u want everything automatic.
cant give more details unless u do  ;)