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can anyone give me a rough description on how to build a comunicator for a dc motor? Answered

I have a basic wooden axiel and on it ive placed 3 smaller coils of wire but i need to know how to build the part where the burhes connect from the battery to the axiel. also how far should i have the magnet spacing?


i've read a book about this stuff maybe 4 years ago

you can make a commutitator by sanding the metal part of an eraser, then cutting it

go to your local dollar store, pick up a RC car, take it apart, take apart the motor

You only beat me to it because I wrote a description :D well done ;)

Helping search first: The item you want to build now is a COMMUTATOR -

The simplest setup has you hook up the 3 coils in series, with each connection point being one of the pads on the commutator. connecting power to any 2 points makes those points attract the magnet, then as it rotates, the polarity of that set of coils is reversed.

check it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commutator_(electric)
Using 2 coils is fundamentally the easiest way to explain it.