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can anyone give me ideas for gifts for my girlfriends birthday? Answered

she likes maroon five. Oh ya her parents have no idea about us so gotta keep it small please help
she likes pink and blue and this is the first time i celebrating her birthday so any ideas
i want to make some thing but i dont know what



I'm guessing your a teenager? I'm not sure how much you want to spend but I would recommend a gift card. I'm a teenage girl an my favorite gifts are always gift cards because I can get whatever I want. Some good stores would be Urban Outfitters, Nordstroms, and Sephora. This is obviously a low key gift. Remember that the stores that I listed are a little expensive so the gift card would have to be at least $75 to get anything substantial. If you are looking to spend less I would recommend Forever 21. You can get a ton of stuff there if you have $50.

Another option would be jewelry. Possibly something that has her birth stone in it? Hope this helps!

A bracelet would be a good idea. There's a ton of different kinds out there, using different materials, and most are easy enough to make. Maybe a "friendship bracelet" or something beaded? It depends on her style and what she likes, but if you make it, I'm sure she'll like it. I've got one bracelet 'ible on my page (in case your interested).

You think this is hard now ? Wait until you're married.

not very helpful though i have seen my dad struggle XD

At least you don't have to hide the gifts from her parents, though.

Depends on the *cough* gift *cough* I reckon. ;-)

Haha, there are so many answers to that, but this is a family site, so this is the only one I can actually post...


5 years ago

Some things cost almost nothing but can still delight. Pairs of dead CD's (labels together) strung on fishing line are very wonderful hung outside windows... they cast rainbows and are all colors themselves. It doesn't sound exciting, but try it out yourself and see if it makes you happy. If it does, give some to her - gift wrapped and ready to hang.

Jewellery, then.

A subtle pair of stud earrings, one pink, one blue.