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can anyone help build a basic computer? Answered

The fact is pictures use 24 bits. It is not simple to use available microprocessors to make a computer at home. Way too many pins Well I think that a z80 microprocessor and two 8 bit presettable counters could deliver a picture with 24 bits. Did anyone really ask for microsoft? What task would you work on? Example number one 1)  computer division : this is binary number division with check in the loop  that you just drew up. The microprocessor only has about 125 commands that you write down.  A command can be as simple as jump to line 0000 0000 0000 0000 . this can be a simple loop that has to be done or the chip is scrapped.  The number 2)  Is there a picture chip like the commodore 64 has?  Find one. An easy chip.   3) Are there any monitors left?  Did any one ask for those  sounds microsoft has ? Most people should have figured out apple computers earlier.


With respect;

"Did anyone really ask for microsoft"?

...billions of them?

I don't know about you, but I like my shiny gui and sounds and multimedia. Classic tech is great, but something as 'simple' as the website you are posting this question to would not exist without modern tech.

What were we thinking? We don't need those fancy moving pictures on that Youtube website, all we need is 24-bit pictures. And people who work with 32-bit pictures? Wasteful, some kid in Africa could be using those extra 8 bits.


...my monitors are running true colour 32 bit...


Your wastefulness will be the downfall of our civilization. And all so you can have transparency.


Is the circuit diagram for a 6502 based computer.

You will still need an operating system but everything else is there

Good luck

PS this is an Acorn Atom - I have one I built in 1981 - Still works.

Could you be a bit clearer about what you want to build? If you're looking for a microcontroller/microprocessor capable of working with images, some of the higher end devices are 16 and 32 bit.

If you really are wanting to build a computer from the ground up, I suggest you google "homebrew CPU", as there is a whole group of websites showing and explaining a range of home made computers.