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can anyone help me building an EV or HPV? Answered

 I'm thinking of a project of changing a used bicycle (or else , everything usable) into a nice, cool,  and environmentally vehicle . these are my problems?
1. can we use AC motor with DC batteries as power source?
2. What kind of batteries are better?
3. What components are necessary for building an EV (bike or trike)?
4. What components are necessary for building an nice HPV? I know nothing about it , but i feel kinda interested with that idea. anyone has some words or advice? thank you all (' v ')



7 years ago

I have made several electric bicycles. They are superb work horses because they let me exercise, they are FAST, they don't need gas or insurance or even much maintenance. In short they are the best of both worlds. Here is exactly what you need: a 48volt lithium manganese battery at 8 or 10 amp hours, a 400 watt nominal (minimum) brushless motor and matching controller. The battery will cost around $700 as of March 2011. This is not expensive. Never buy a lead acid battery for an electric bike; they are cheap but you will pay dearly for crappy, heavy batteries that won't stand the test of time. Just get a good lithium battery and enjoy its elegant power for years. I got mine from ebikes.ca. I strongly recommend their eZee kit with the biggest battery you can afford.

1.) Only with fancy electronics
2.) Lithium ion are the best, Lead acid the cheapest, Optyma Lead acid the best current choice.
3.) Motor, batteries, speed controller.

Always define your acronyms, what the heck is an HPV ? 


Hydrogen Powered Vehicle?
Human Powered Vehicle?
Heffalump Powered Vehicle
or most probably.... Humus Powered Vehicle.

 the H letter's actually stands for human ,,,
but Hydrogen seems nice, although it'll be hard to find H2 gas station . 
how about "organic trash powered vehicle" (ORPoV)?
well I'm not joking for that one :) 

Or maybe "Hummus Powered Vehicle". I'll bring the pita bread.

I'd rather have my powered by guacamole.  But then it'd be a GPV and that's not what he wanted.