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can anyone help me make a circuit for a EL wire driver? Answered

i live in a area where el wire drivers are not available however i can get all the parts to make one
i know that i need to step-up a 9v battery to 130v at around 2000-3000 Hz  to make it glow 
i want to keep it simple and not make it blink thus eliminating any kind of timer or ic can anyone please help me with a circuit design and the parts required thanks a lot


Like Rick says, look at Google.

Also how do you think you'll drive 2kHz AC WITHOUT "any kind of timer or IC" ?

well im sorry
im quiet new to electronics and i have never worked with el wires before
so what kind of a timer are we talking about, will 555 do? i have loads of them
and what kind of step up transformer do i need?

Here's an EXCELLENT article for you

By the time you've got enough to make a decent oscillator, probably ;-)

"IC" applies to (originally) strategically-doped silicon crystals; does it need more than one "component" to be an integrated circuit (as distinct from a device / component)?



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