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can anyone help me make a good arrow? Answered

I tried to make an arrow out of a ramrod straight stick i found on my property. but as soon as i took the bark off, it curled a little bit and it all went down hill from there. I used superglue and plastic for fletching but that broke off. then i was told that my arrow was off balance. i have too many problems with this, can anyone help? 



5 years ago

When I was a kid I made my arrows from green willow branches. I peeled the bark off and scraped them down to a reasonably uniform diameter with a sharp knife. Then I securely clamped a washer with a 1/4" hole into a vise and worked the arrows through through the hole to true them up. You can smooth them up later with sandpaper.
I let the arrows air dry for a week or so and used my dad's blow torch to heat the side curving inward and bent the arrow straight and let it cool. It often took several times of heating, straightening and cooling but eventually you can get them pretty straight.
Use yellow carpenter's glue or epoxy to attach the fletches, wrap and tie the ends of the fletches with nylon thread and spread a light layer of glue on the thread.
The are several nice lbles for you to look at on the right side of this page too.

Use a heat gun to help you straighten the stick. Heat it up and flex it over your leg till you get it straight. If the fetching isn't lined up right then it will be off balance and won't fly straight.