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can anyone help me to make my own indoor skydiving equiptment? Answered


If you're talking about making something like this then your biggest problem is getting an incredibly powerful variable speed motor and matching prop.  You need a fan that's at least 20 feet in diameter, any smaller and you can't get a steady column of air big enough to lift a person.  That fan needs to spin fast enough to move air at up to 150 miles per hour, so the motor you will need will use an incredible amount of power, it's not something you can run on household mains.  You'll probably need some kind of three-phase VFD motor since it will need to be variable speed.  Although you'll need a properly certified engineer to calculate the motor specifications but probably several hundred horsepower at around 1000 rpm.  You won't want to make the fan yourself since if it's just slightly out of balance it will rip its self (and anything near by) apart.  You might be able to get something usable out of an old jet engine or other industrial application.  Maybe.

You'll also need a lot of space, at very least 40 feet of vertical flying space plus the ductwork to recycle the air back around.  So a space around 20 feet wide by 70 feet high by 50 feet deep.  You'll probably need a heavy duty air conditioner too since friction and pressure will heat up the air pretty fast.

After that, it's lots of padding, a trampoline with a wide mesh, a control room and some baggy overalls and you're set.

Four250 horsepower fanscirculate air around the interior of the structure, generating the same wind speed which skydivers feel during freefall. By learning to position yourself to balance on this airflow, you'll learn to fly your body the way skydivers do, close to mother earth and in view of your friends and family!

1000 HP. 760kW - that's a pretty industrial feed alright !


Thanks steve for replying

 where  can i buy these motors? and design and specs?

I know this is older but I was looking and just the motor controller the VFD would be thousands for 1 of the 4 fans, https://www.wolfautomation.com/ac-drive-250hp-460v-3-phase

These kind of drives are multiple thousands of dollars each - the electrical feeds along are hundreds of amps each.

Have you got the money ? 


And a metal grating under that tramp.  I can just imagine what would happen if the tramp. tears.

Do you mean one of those big vertical wind tunnels?

yes,  I know this, this is not a home project, i want to open indoor skydiving
business, companies are charging millions of dollars to open one. with my lots of research i fiqure out that it can be done without paying millions. May be  200k to 500k I am not sure but lot less then  companies who are already in the business. I just need design and spec. You think can you help me find design and specs. 

All of this information would have been useful in the body of the original question, it would have saved us a lot of guessing.

I'm just going to say it: This is not a DIY project, unless perhaps you have several engineering degrees.  If this project is not done exactly right, people will die.  Horribly. I am in no way exaggerating.  You'll be making something that takes incredible amounts of power, attaches it to whirling blades, moves air at 150 mph.  And then puts humans inside of it.  If the slightest thing goes wrong, if a fan is out of balance of there's a small hidden flaw in the metal, or there's a power surge, or the control systems don't have the proper safety interlocks, or any of a few million other things that I don't know about because I'm not qualified to build one goes wrong, then people will get hurt, badly.  At best.

There's a good reason these things cost $2 million.  Maintenance and insurance are significant on-going costs as well.

Please, do not do this on the cheap.  Make a business plan, get the investment to do it right.  Indoor skydiving is a lot of fun.  It would be a real shame if someone got hurt or killed because you were trying to save some money.


8 years ago

1.  Find or pay for market research, proving that this is a viable business in your area.
2.  Make a business plan
3.  Take your business plan to an investor (or most likely, dozens of them) and convince them to give you money.
4.  Take that money and buy a franchise
5.  Cross your fingers and hope your market research was correct.
6.  Pay back your investors over time.