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can electric guitars be plugged directly into monitor speaker? Answered


If these speakers are amplified, yes.  If not, no.

Do they have batteries or an ac plug?  If yes, it's amplified.

To do it, attach a mono 1/4" adapter onto the speaker's stereo 3.5mm jack.  Plug this into your guitar.

Problem is, it probably won't be very loud.  These speakers are usually designed to take a headphone-level input and not a totally un-amplified signal.  Still, if your speakers do have power, they will likely get it loud enough to at least hear.  Best results if you can plug headphones into one of the speakers and listen through those.

Want a listenable signal?  Find anything, a tape deck, another powered speaker, a mixer, etc that also amplifies a little bit and feed it through that first.  I use an old RCA mixer which amplifies just enough for me to record.  

I've also used a cheap toy megaphone, with the mic removed and replaced with a jack, as a practice amp...  I only mention it to hopefully boost your creativity a little and help you solve your problem.

I tired to plug Creative Inspiron speakers (they have an internal amplifier and volume control) into an acoustic guitar using 1/4" stereo adapter but I didn't get any signal, none at all.

Could the stereo adapter be the reason for this? I mean why did you explicitly mention "mono" adapter?

Yup.  The mono 1/4" connector is important.  The jack on your guitar wants this kind and isn't prepared to handle a stereo jack.  It just shorts out I think.

Try pulling the 1/4" jack out of it's socket a little bit.  You might find a sweet spot where you'll get audio from one side.  It'll be a pain to use like that but it'll work well enough to see if it's going to be loud enough.

If you're happy with your speakers, check out the dollar stores and radio-shacks near you to find the right adapter, or just buy a mono jack, wire, and a 3.5mm stereo jack and solder together your own adapter or cable.


Thanks for the advice. I bought a mono guitar cable from Radio Shack and it did the trick, however it didn't work with the speakers directly as I had to put in the line-in in my PC instead of the sub woofer-in. I don't know why that happened but I'm happy the there's a work around at least.

Thanks again

No.  An electric guitar puts out very little power.  On the order of milli-volts.  You have to have an amp of some kind.  Even a half watt amp will put out enough sound to make you dad mad when you practice.

There are lots of small inexpensive amps as instructables on this site.

If you have a cassette recorder, some of them can be used as amps by plugging the speaker into the earplug socket and plugging your guitar or microphone into the mic. socket.

Good luck.