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can i adapt recovered laptop camera to a usb? Answered

i have a webcam recovered from broken laptop. i want to  use it with another computer through a usb port. i'm hoping all i need to do is properly attach wire harness to usb cord, download drivers to comp, and run. i'm sure it can't be that easy.
the camera: Rose_2G/ CN0316-S30C-0V06-1/ VA-R02.02.02

the overall project if i can get past this step is to use it for a 'pinhole' door camera to be waterproofed and put behind the siding.



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during an internet search to see if this can be done, one commenter on someone else's similar question said that the connection of the camera to the motherboard is the same as a usb connection, just looks different. the wiring harness has 5 wires: orange, florescent yellow, black, then a red and silver twisted together. it seems obvious that the black is ground and red is hot. i believe the orange and yellow are data. the silver wire is puzzling. is it power? is it ground? on the connector the wire order left to right is yelllow orange red silver, black.

in a USB there are 5 wires: black, red, green, white, and a bare one. information on USB wires is readily available with a simple google search. I know the red wire carries a 5v charge, black is ground, and the white and green are data cables. the only thing i can figure for the bare wire is an overall ground for things like static buildup and it attaches to the metal outer part of a usb connector. some call it a 'shield', but if it were wouldn't it be a woven cover over the other wires like on a coax instead of a bare twisted wire.

to connect these, first i'll connect red to red, black to black. i don't know which connections for the data wires or if it matters. i think maybe the silver wire should go to the bare wire? does any one know? if you think you know something i don't, please share. even redundant information is appreciated. I'm going to do more internet research before i risk frying my camera.

sorry bout the low quality pics, but i couldn't find any online, and my only means is the cam on my laptop.

wires for cam.bmpwire harness connector.bmpusb wires.bmp

thank you. i came across that shortly after posting today. that board and cam look a lot like mine. referencing his diagram it would make black V+, silver D+, red D-, orange GND, and the yellow gets labeled NC??. does it make sense for the data wires to be twisted together? isn't that what usb 2.0 and faster cables do?

Yes. As far as I know, the twisted pair is your USB data+ data-

What you need is the datasheet, in order to get the pinout of that end connector to know how to interface to it.

A Google search for the part number ("CN0316-530C-0V06-1") shows that this is an internal component for Acer and eMachines laptops. If you haven't done that already, you should. That should be the first thing you do with any component you want information about.

Narrowing that search by adding "datasheet" suggests that public datasheets don't exist for it (after all, it's an internal OEM component). One company claims that they'll send you the datasheet if you contact them with a request-for-quote.

Now, since you know (from that Google search) what kind of computer it comes from, you could get a used one of those machines, or any other cheap but still working laptop, and just open up the case to extract the camera.

Fabricate a long cable using the same kind of connector as on the unit (you'll have to browse Jameco or Mouser or Digikey to find the right connector). Just make the cable a "straight through" (pin 1 to pin 1 at each end, and so on), and it should work to have the camera remote from the laptop.

thank you for your effort. i already know what type of laptop i took it out of. i however didn't know about a datasheet. i'm trying to hook it up to another laptop i already have, or make it universal.