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can i add memory to a flash drive? Answered

 i wanted to add memory from an sd card to a flash drive


You could just buy Sd cards then buy a SD card reader, they are like 99 cents on amazon/ebay.Then you can switch the memory out.

Anything is possible, but in consideration of time, effort and expense, you'd be best advised to buy a bigger flash drive.


This is one of the questions that belongs on a permanent list somewhere.

"Can I fit <insert upgraded version> into <crappier old version> for free?

no.  :D

I'm with Lemonie. If you need to ask if it's possible, you're not the man/woman for the job. It _could_ be done, it'd not be worth your time since new flash drives only cost a few quid these days.

I just thought of one thing you _could_ do, thought it's honestly really not worth it. You could attach both the USB flash drive and the sd card to a USB hub and use a software raid to make them appear as one. Like I said.... really not worth it.

This might help: http://analogbit.com/node/4

The chances of the memory in the SDcard being the same type as the USB stick are already remote. Couple that with the fact that the tools to remove the chip from the SDcard and to replace the chip on the USB card are extremely hard to use, and you

....may as well buy a bigger card.....

Sad, but true,