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can i build a small boat that i can live on and survive 2012? Answered

it will be safe and awsome and cool and awsome and cool and safe


450 feet by 75 feet 45 feet high apparently. ref: Genesis 6:15

Why "survive 2012"?

Why will 2012 be any worse than 2011, or 2010?

i think that he watched the film 2012 where the entire world gets flooded and wants to be prepared

"she" (read the profile)

I knew that - I was being subtle.

No. You'll need a boat large enough for a year's worth of food and fresh water. You can do the arithmetic yourself -- how much food do you eat every day, multiplied by 366, and how much water (or other beverages) do you drink every day, multiplied by 366. If you want to be able to change clothes, add the weight of all the clothes you want to have for a whole year without a washing machine (one full suitcase weighs 50-60 pounds). Now go do some Web research to find out how large a boat you need to hold all of that weight.

You hand-wash the clothes.
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