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can i buy an iphone online and use it just like an ipod touch even though i dont have a sim card? Answered

my ipod touch was stolen, i want to buy a ipod touch again but i figured i could just buy an iphone and have the mic and the camera. would i be able to use this iphone (3g) as an ipod touch even if i didnt have a sim card in it?


yes but you just need to "hacktivate" it using quickpwn. really easy, then just put it in airplane mode which will save you lots of battery life. turn off airplane mode when you want to use wifi.

here's the link to downloading quickpwn.


Is a beter idea to buy an iphone and use it thisway instead of buying an itouch

You can turn on airplane mode and still turn on/off wifi independantly. This will help save some battery life. To do this, you can turn on airplane mode first, then go into wifi and turn it back on or off