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can i change my keyboard leds? Answered

i have a e machines kb-0108 is it possible to change the led's and how
because there getting dim and flashing on and off.


Are you sure theere are not any other problems with your keyboard? It seems strange they are flashing. But if it is not the keyboard you can probably just solder new ones in (I think they are just standard green 3 or 5mm leds)

Or you could just get a new keyboard. I got the exact same keyboard at our local thrift store for 2.50. You can see it torn apart in one of my instructables.

it stop flashing (found out it was a winamp plugin D'oh!)
but it still dimming when I turn the computer on it fine and bright but even now it hard to tell if caps lock is on.

are you sure its on a powered USB? that might be your problem, lack of power

Agree! Computer keyboards are so cheap these days that it is better to dispose of the old keyboard and buy a new or one that simply works. LEDs last for a considerable long time so, all those blinking LEDs point to some other problem. Christopher3 should simply replace the keyboard to see if the problem stops.

LEDs either work or they don't. If they are going dim and flashing that is indicating some other problem. Sounds like the KB may be failing on you. Time for a new one.