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can i cut pc case by hdd grinder or hdd sander or if i can't can i buiild some kind of dremel by using old computer stuf Answered



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No, not using the HDD sander,it doesn't have enough torque. You need the HDD sander v2(posting instructable soon) with improved dremel cutting blades. I think it could be acheived with this :http://hackaday.com/2010/04/02/your-hard-drive-needs-a-diamond-blade/

yeah all of you could try that or you could just go buy a dremel tool like i did

1. i musnt buy that because i dont awnt to lose monney
2. my parents will tell me i am not normal
3. i dont need my hdd
4. it is much more interesting when you make something than when you buy it

( example: if i would make hot ice from vinegar and soda i would be more happy than when i buy sodium acetate)

I'm not sure what "hdd" means in this question...?

Most PC cases are either plastic or thin mild steel, and so should be easy to cut -- though I think drilling a starting hole and then using a carbide rod saw in a hacksaw handle might be faster and easier to control than using a grinder (either large or "rotary tool" type).

If you told us what you were actually trying to do, we could probably offer better advice on how to achieve it.

HDD - HARD DISK (WATCH THIS: https://www.instructables.com/id/Recycled-HDD-Rotary-Sander-for-5/ )

Can i stick sandpaper on hard disk, and will it be enough strong to cut pc case, i dont want to buy anything like dremel, chainsaw..... here is picture......and please can anybody test it i would be thanksfull becaause i want to be sure it will work? I WANT TO CUT PC CASE WITH "HDD SANDER" without using any other tools!!!


I stand by my answer -- I don't know, but it isn't the tool I would choose, and I'd still want to know why you're making the cut before deciding which tool *is* the right one.

Yes you can. Buy an angle grinder and sharpen the HDD platter so it has a nice sharp point. Then power up the hdd and cut the case.

but should i use grind or sand paper or any else stronger or without paper......and tell me if you are sure 100% or you just think

A "power tool" will do a much better job, i.e. something like a mains-powered grinder. L

I agree. For what you want do those motors that you're trying to use are about 1/100 of the strength you need. Maybe not even that. You can stop them with a finger.

You need MORE POWER.

Yes, although I wouldn't want to try stopping a HDD with sandpaper glued to it with my finger...